RAMADAN, day fifteen,

The month of Ramadān is a gift; it is our time to focus on our personal relationship with Allāh. We have the opportunity for high stations of Jannah – to meet the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), to meet the blessed companions (May Allah be pleased with them all), and most of all to see Allah, The Most High! It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yet still many of us choose to not strive for Jannah. We have sadly become distracted and absorbed by this dunya, and lost sight of our purpose – worshipping Allah – and our main goal – the pleasure of Allah and subsequently Jannah.We are warned about this in The Qur’an:“Rivalry in worldly increase distracts you (from the remembrance of Allah), till you come to the graves” 1“Your wealth and your children are but a trial, and Allah has with Him a great reward.”

There’s nothing wrong in treating ourselves to worldly enjoyment, provided it’s done in moderation and within the halal limits, but not at the cost of neglecting our primary duties of ibadah or forgetting our akhira.

“No, you prefer the life of this world, while the hereafter is better and that which remains” (87: 16-17).

Indeed, the akhirah is better for us; we need to use our time in this dunya to work for it.

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