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During these times of trial; we are facing difficulties every day and if we don’t realise that these difficulties are only temporary, then it is very easy to fall into despair. So this difficulty we are going through in life, we know that with it, is ease. That some good has accompanied it and that …

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Seek Patience

Title: Seek Patience Patience and perseverance, tolerance and forbearance are traits of a true believers. Every single person in this world is facing some sort of trial or test. For those who exercise patience, Allah (swt) will help and show a way out of every difficulty. If we want to be successful in this world …

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When the time gets tough I remind myself of how pleased Allah (swt) is with Sabr. With that hurt in my heart, mess in my head and tears in my eyes, I accept the Qadr of Allah and that is what makes me strong, that is what keeps me going. That’s the only thing. Sabr …

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