Muharram marks the first month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar. with the commemoration of the deaths of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAW) – Imam Hussain (AS), along with his family and companions. It begins with death for the sake of Islam.It’s a reminder that Allah (SWT) is the governor of Time, and we are to serve on His Earth until He calls us to return to Him. And with death, comes grief. We all experience grief in some capacity. Grief meets us all at one stage or another. It is guaranteed. Karbala has taught me that our grief, when connected to knowing Allah (SWT), can provide us with a sense of hope.. Our grief can provide us with hope that we will individually, collectively and actively strive to become closer to Allah (SWT). Our grief can provide us with a hope of bettering ourselves in this world so that we can achieve the best of places in the permanent world of the hereafter. I pray that we never lose hope in Allah (SWT), and that all of this is for us to submit to His will and find peace in it in this world and the hereafter. After all, we strive to be those who, when calamity befalls on them, say:“Verily, unto God do we belong and, verily, unto Him we shall return” [2:156].


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