We cannot feel their pain, or fight their fight, but we can amplify their voices and make the whole world listen and learn the truth. Facing so much hardship, yet their faith is unwavering. May Allah enable all of us to reach this level of tawkkul and stand up firm through our hardships. O Allah, grant the people of Pal*etine the patience they need to overcome these tests and trials AmeenThe Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Victory will come with patience, relief will come with affliction, and ‘with hardship comes ease.’” (94:4-5) [Ahmad]With every hardship is a distillation. And through distillation, we are further along the path to spiritual purity. But every cleanse is painful; that pain is all the more reason why it has to be done too. Everybody is facing some type of hardship—that much is a given. However, the nature of every person’s struggle is different and so is the intended learning. The reward for having iman when struck by a soul-shifting hardship is to be gifted with a heart guided by Allah. Drawing closer to Allah in times of extreme pain and inner turmoil holds within it a nearness more precious than anything this world contains. Part of Allah’s Plan for your life will inevitably involve extreme hardship—this is a Divine promise. What is incumbent on you is to recognise there is a Plan alongside the pain, and that Plan is always to edge you closer to Him—whether you do it running, walking, or crawling with your chest heaving.O Allah, grant the people of Pal* etine and the Muslims across the ummah the patience they need to overcome these trials Ameen Keep all the oppressed around the world in your prayers and do not think that counts for nothing. Ultimately, you are only human and the only One that is able to save them is Allah SWT. He knows best.Do not lose hope, nor be sad. You will surely be victorious if you are true in Faith . – Quran 3:139


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