The last ten days of Ramadan

If we can, try to treat every night in the last ten nights as the night of power. Ultimately, we truly do not know when it is. While many cite Laylatal Qadr as the 27th of Ramadan—truly Allah knows best, so try to worship your absolute best each day in the last ten nights in order to maximise your chances of catching the night. Imagine if a bag of rare precious diamonds was given to us and we were asked to pick out a diamond each day, would we just take it out on the odd nights or do we want to keep all of them? The answer to this question goes without saying. This amount of effort may be hard, but remember that Allah knows your intention and that in itself may be rewarded—always try your best and have faith.— 🙏

The last ten days Ramadan count and they matter. We still have time to build a relationship with the Quran, we still can make dua and give in charity. It’s important to have in mind your own plan to maximize upon the blessings.—🙏

May Allah (swt) allows us to witness Laylatul-Qadr, and may He completely erase all of our sins, rewards us immensely, draw us close to Him, secure our place in Jannatul-Firdous, and allows to leave Ramadan having been completely purified – Ameen!


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