The beauty of Tahajjud

Tahajjud Nerver underestimate the power of Tahajjud and what it entails, Tahajjud is such a powerful time. Pray to Allah swt sincerely for what your heart desires and watch him give you something a million times better. Every loss every hardship you have felt you will be given something to forget it all. Thats how merciful your Lord is, Thats how kind and Loving He is. Do not undersestimate His power to give you the strength and guidance to carry your broken heart to Him at every Tahajjud prayer and ask him to give you He is the most caring and His love is endless ___⁠🤲🏽 This Ramadan is like no other. Yes, we will be fasting, but there will be no ifatar gatherings and no nightly prayers at the mosques. Our work schedules are altered this year and we all have more time at home. With our relaxed schedules it is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the blessings during this month. Lets develop a habit of praying Tahajjud. This will set us on better footing to continue with the Night Prayer Tahajjud for the rest of the year insha’Allah.


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