So verily, with the hardship there is relief

During these times of trial; we are facing difficulties every day and if we don’t realise that these difficulties are only temporary, then it is very easy to fall into despair. So this difficulty we are going through in life, we know that with it, is ease. That some good has accompanied it and that an ease will follow it. Don’t despair or lose hope. Let our heart be comforted and consoled by these beautiful words of our Lord.

The tests of this life are never greater than what you can handle. This is the promise of Allah. Almighty is fair and just. He has designed for every human being the appropriate problem, problems that will help each individual grow spiritually. We should hold firm to our belief and know that Allah will remove whatever burdens or difficulties we are facing after sometime but we are only rewarded if we are patient at the time when the difficulty comes.

Have tawakkul at this time and pray and pray some more. This is the time to slow down and try to draw closer to Almighty we need to see it as an opportunity to get closer to Him and to pray like never before. Allah is the best of protectors. May Almighty Allah protect us; and keep us safe from all calamities Ameen . Let’s help each other out where we can. Stay Safe. Be Kind and Help those who need help in this time.

Allah (swt) gives us the way out.

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